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About Xenses & Isabella, Photography Arno lam

Dear Lovers of Luxury

XENSES is THE shopping destination for luxury lingerie by unique and sensual international designer brands and has grown over the past six years into a renowned and specialized international online boutique for the ultimate in luxury. XENSES focuses on exceptional, handmade lingerie and designer accessories, handmade by expert craftsmen often educated at prestigious institutes worldwide. Its carefully curated assortment is provocatively elegant and powerful, with design, style, function and quality at the base of every selection process.

Shopping at XENSES is sharing my passion for exclusivity and uniqueness. XENSES pushes the boundaries of conventionality, while appreciating a quiet luxury as well.  Although some well known brands are featured at XENSES, the focus lies on uniqueness and exclusivity, while surprising you with wonderful designer gems. Make a statement when you wear our limited edition lingerie, or couture accessories. Many of these sublime products are a contemporary fusion of high fashion and function that will look great in boudoir and as outerwear.

Beyond the ordinary you will find the extraordinary: XENSES.

Love, Isabella
Founder Xenses

"Life is for Deep Kisses, Strange Adventures
  Midnight Swims & Experiencing New Things"

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