Betony Vernon Double Sphere Massage Ring

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Betony Vernon Double Sphere Massage Ring

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Betony Vernon Double Sphere Massage Ring

Luxury erotic jewelry by Betony Vernon. Stylish massage ring, one of the bestsellers of the renowned Paradise Found fine jewelry collection by Betony Vernon. This versatile Double Sphere Massage Ring is brilliant as a designer accessory when going out, but is especially designed as a new experience during a lovely intimate massage. Use the massage ring during masturbation and for massaging the body and erogenous zones of your lover. The spheres provide additional and specific pressure for experiencing new and intense sensations. Do not limit the use of the ring to the erogenous zones only, but also massage the soles of the feet or neck for example.

How to wear and use:
Wear Betony Vernon Double Sphere Massage ring preferably on the middle finger of your dominant hand. When massaging, turn the ring with the spheres to the inside of your hand and use a lubricant to enhance gliding over the skin.

Refer to chapter 9 Ascent to Paradise: Orchestrating the Senses of The Boudoir Bible (also available at Xenses) for titillating tips.

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Color: Silver.
Material: .925 sterling silver.
Weight: Approx 22 gram | 0.77 oz.
Dimension: Two spheres section: 21 mm | 0.82 in.
Handmade in Italy by the finest craftsmen.

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Betony Vernon Double Sphere Massage Ring