Betony Vernon Sado Sceptre 21 mm

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Betony Vernon Sado Sceptre 21 mm

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Betony Vernon Sado Scepter 21 mm

Luxury erotic jewelry from Betony Vernon. This Sado-Chic Scepter is a must-have for lovers and pleasure seekers. The Sado Sceptre is not only a beautiful eye-catcher that emphasizes the cleavage, it is also an efficient massage tool for the body, both for the outside and inside. Every muscle group can be massaged with the Sado Scepter in hand, it is especially effective on hands, back and feet. This delightful jewel can also be used for an intimate, internal massage, but make sure that the Scepter is attached to something, such as a collier or o-ring, so that it does not disappear into the body.

How to wear:
Attach the Sado Scepter to the separately available Sado Chic Collier or O-Ring for a bold look. Only Betony Vernon initiates will know its provocative secret.

Material: Sterling silver .925.
Size sphere: 21 mm diameter.
Weight: 51 grams -1.8 oz.
Handmade by Italian expert silversmiths.

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Betony Vernon Sado Sceptre 21 mm