Betony Vernon Silver Tassel

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Betony Vernon Silver Tassel

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Betony Vernon Silver Tassel

Luxury erotic jewelry by Betony Vernon. A beautiful silver pendant for the Sado Chic rings, bracelets or colliers. Betony Vernon Silver Tassel is an elegant tickler, for soft teasing of the skin with its cool metal and for providing a painful stimulus if required. Please practice on your own skin first, it can be too much.

How to use:
Mini Silver Tassel can easily be attached to the small O-rings of the Sado-Chic jewelry. For example, wear as dramatic cleavage pendant attached to the Sado-Chic necklace at dinner and transform it into a tickler for teasing in the bedroom later that night.

Length: 15 cm.
Material: .925 silver.
Weight: 12,5 g / 0.35 oz.
Handmade in Italy by expert craftsmen.

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Betony Vernon Silver Tassel