Les Jeux du Marquis - Exclusive Couture Italian Stilettos & Accessories

Les Jeux du Marquis


    Les Jeux du Marquis - luxury couture shoes, cuffs and bracelets, handmade with first class calfskin leather from Italy, inspired by Marquis de Sade. LJDM is founded by fashion designer Emanuele Coppari, a passionate Italian from a shoemaker family who graduated Art school and now combines traditional leather craftsmanship with art in all his designs. After many years of designing for international brands such as Giorgio Brato, Bally, Zufi Alexander, Giancarlo Paoli, Texas and Robot, Emanuele Coppari decides to focus all his energy, knowledge and passion for his own couture leather collection, a homage to femininity, dedicated to the elegant, powerful woman. Couture designs with a direct link to the world of boudoir play. Discover this exclusive bondage inspired brand with unique luxury cuffs, stilettos and bracelets, collect them all at Xenses.

    Les Jeux du Marquis stilettos

    The elegant Les Jeux du Marquis stilettos are, following the old Italian leather craft traditions, made entirely by hand from only first-class calfskin leather. The couture stilettos are utterly feminine with a hint to the world of bondage. Unique accessories such as whips and ankle cuffs are detachable and used for adventurous evenings in the boudoir. Wearing these designer shoes is an experience in itself and they will be the eye catchers of your outfit.

    Les Jeux du Marquis Bracelets

    The beautiful Les Jeux du Marquis bracelets can not only be matched with the same style cuffs and stilettos, they also have a sexy function. When the evening falls the bracelet can also be used as a c-ring for gentlemen.