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Slagwerk Atelier

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    Slagwerk Atelier - luxury whips and floggers - founded in 2018 for stylish quality whips with high precision and a full-impact effect. All luxury whips are designed and made by hand in the Slagwerk Atelier studio in the Netherlands. The quality of each whip is the most important thing for Slagwerk Atelier and each design has been thought through and rigorously tested with the modern bondage gentleman and lady in mind. The designs exude class and will last for years with proper use and care. No glue or other toxic chemicals are used and only the best Dutch and Italian leather is selected. The smell of pure leather is already an experience in itself. All that, and a lot of love and passion, gives the Slagwerk Atelier whips and floggers that extra special touch. Discover the 'Serious whips for serious people' collection with exclusive special editions and limited editions at Xenses.