Xenses Diamonds & Gold Collection - Exclusive Bondage Accessories

Xenses Diamonds & Gold Collection


    The limited edition Xenses Diamonds & Gold Collection, with exceptional boudoir accessories for play. Explore the collection with unique, sensual designs of superior quality, handmade with passion and expertise and of pure beauty. Not only highly functional in use but breath-taking as jewelry as well. These sleek and stylish designs are made with carefully selected jewel elements such as diamonds and precious metals. Transcending the ordinary and elevating them to a whole new level of elegant play. Each piece has been individually designed, created and tested with full attention to craftsmanship, finish and function. To make this all possible, a team of 7 Dutch experts has been brought together, among them a renowned Amsterdam diamond dealer, an expert gold smith and one of the finest leather experts in the Netherlands. These first luxury Xenses designs are named after strong women, mythological figures to inspire other women to follow their passion, whether it's in the boudoir, the boardroom, or beyond.