Absidem - Luxury Bondage Accessories - is a stylish Italian brand for luxury leather bondage accessories, founded in 2014 by Francesca Carlotta Castiglioni and Gaia Polloni Ramona. Discover this exclusive leather bondage brand at Xenses.

About Absidem luxury bondage accessories

The name Absidem is Latin for: back of the church and expresses Francesca’s personal interests for the holy and profane. Absidem also contains the acronym BDSM. Francesca finished Art school in Milan, then explored the world of fetish as a well know and full-time dominatrix for four years and then used her expertise to create her beautiful yet highly functional luxury bondage accessories. These handmade accessories are pleasing to the eye and only high quality materials sourced from Florence are used for an unrivaled feel to the skin. Premium 'toro' leather is vegetable tanned to minimize skin irritation, hypo-allergenic, and is matched with gold or silver hardware. Absidem stand for fashion, fetish and playfulness and it is Francesca’s vision to dress women with something strong and bold while maintaining elegance. The Absidem designs are sophisticated, have a sexy, powerful allure and are strong, they provoke creativity in the bedroom and can effortlessly be styled as the perfect fashion accessory with that gorgeous designer dress. Absidem combines the experience of Italian artisans with the best luxury materials while blending the fetish world with art and fashion.

Absidem philosophy about luxury bondage designs

Francesca describes Absidem as: "The idea of play is at the basis of the Absidem philosophy, bringing to the surface the sensuality of every day life instead of relegating it to the private sphere. The aim is the creation of beautiful objects, for a sensuality glorifying the new concept of modern, outlining shape, cut to meet pure geometry. Absidem is playing on two sides. Sensual but at the same time solemn, in balance between transgression and innovation, sophisticated interchanging of glamour and sensuality."

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