Adele Brydges

Adele Brydges

Adele Brydges - Luxury Pleasures, Ceramic Sex Toys - is a gifted British designer with a passion for traditional techniques, exceptional materials and pure craftsmanship. Motivated by the sensual, authentic character of tactility and the beauty of coexisting elements, Adele Brydges creates couture sensual objects and lifestyle pieces with a strong design aesthetic that celebrates form, function and medium. Discover this unique and exclusive Adele Brydges collection at Xenses.

About Adele Brydges - ceramic sex toys

At the core of ethos is a desire to promote intimacy, to guarantee authenticity and to introduce art and sensuality in our daily lives through the most evocative and intimate objects. Artist Adele Brydges had her education at the famous Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design, a major educational institute for art and design, at the Southampton Row in London some 10 years ago.

Marlene - Adele Brydges luxury pleasures collection

Adele Brydges latest collection MARLENE, is a place where the essence of masculine and feminine coexist in perfect equilibrium to create an empowering collection of gender-fluid sensual tools, lifestyle pieces and functional objet d'art. Sculpted in plaster, cast in porcelain, known for its beauty and durability. This luxury pleasures collection carries a strong visual and sensory narrative that resonates with the Bauhaus ideal of a total art; art and life as one. Adele has developed her own casting process that results in every surface pattern being organic and unique, no two designs are the same. She also increases the density of the porcelain during the casting process and bakes theses luxury pleasures in total for 20 hours for strength and to make them waterproof. This unique process also ensures that her ceramic toys are hygienic and suitable for intimate use. Each piece is hand polished for a satin finish and comes in an exclusive lambskin leather nappa pouch, handmade with traditional techniques by leather expert and designer Tamzin Lillywhite.

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