beneLIGNI - Luxury Pleasures - designs and crafts luxurious wooden dildos and plugs with chic red-brown mahogany wood that will stimulate the senses with their good looks and smooth touch. Exclusive wooden sex toys that arouse lust, give love and make life more enjoyable and happier. beneLIGNI; for the pleasure of natural love. Explore the handmade beneLIGNI luxury pleasures at Xenses.

About beneLIGNI luxury pleasures

All organic beneLIGNI - translated into; good wood - designs are handmade in Germany and Italy using only natural and sustainable materials and are sealed with a wood finish which is completely harmless for the health of people, animals and plants. It is also water repellent so your unique toy remains hygienic and beautiful. Another benefit of this excellent finish is that the timber of these luxury pleasures remains breathable. This preserves the natural character, haptics and warmth of the wood. Discover beneLIGNI at Xenses, with wonderful luxury pleasures that will amaze you with their unique designs, crafted with pure passion and made of solid mahogany wood for your enjoyment.

Mahogany beneLIGNI wooden sex toys

Mahogany is perfectly chosen for these exciting toys, it has a luxurious allure, a beautiful warm color, is lightweight and ideally suited for wood carving. That is why mahogany is often used for luxury cars and yachts. Mahogany is also a semi-hardwood that grows in West and Central Africa with a fine structure and medium-sized pores, with a touch of grey through its deep-brown to red-brown color and has often a subtle golden shine. The wide range of beneLIGNI pleasures includes beautiful plugs and dildos for him and her, giving you the perfect ergonomically designed wooden toy for all types of desires. All beneLIGNI wooden toys come in a handmade luxury gift box crafted from only natural products. Environmental awareness and health is important to beneLIGNI, that is why their packaging is completely plastic-free.

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