Bracli - luxury lingerie - combines luxurious French Leavers lace with the finest handmade pearls from Mallorca. Bracli is sophisticated sensuality for lovers of erotic lingerie, the pearls will caress and stimulate her intimate zone. Discover the pleasurable Kyoto lingerie collection by Bracli at Xenses.

About Bracli luxury erotic lingerie

Bracli luxury erotic lingerie became famous because of the hit series Sex And The City. "Oh a pearl thong, practical and stimulating!" In episode 69 (coincidence?) Samantha Jones receives a pearl thong. The official name for this thong is the Bracli Pearl Thong. This name derives from 'bra' (braga, Spanish for panty) and 'cli' (for clitoris). The pearl thong was designed 1999 by Spanish lingerie company Bracli, led by Luis Alvarez. Bracli is seen as a luxurious piece of lingerie that made the wishlist of milions of women. This handmade Spanish thong is made of soft French stretch lace. The pearls come from the Balearic island of Mallorca (Spain). They are cultivated through a very secret but traditional process. These pearls from Mallorca are better than natural pearls because of their durability and strength.

Bracli Kyoto pearl lingerie

The new Bracli Kyoto pearl lingerie collection is a sensation right from the start. Kyoto is elegant, luxurious and exudes seduction in sheer elastic tulle, delicate Leavers lace and soft velvet combined with the finest Mallorca pearls. It is a sexy gift for both lovers.

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