Cecilia Lundqvist

Cecilia Lundqvist

Cecilia Lundqvist - Luxury Animal Masks - is a gifted artist and designs unique and highly exclusive animal masks of vintage materials. Her work has achieved cult status, is worn by many celebrities and are true collector's items. 'What I'm doing is a labor of love and madness' - Cecilia Lundqvist. Explore your animalistic side with Cecilia Lundqvist at Xenses.

About Cecilia Lundqvist - luxury animal masks

With her head and thoughts in wolves and vast forests, the Swedish Cecilia Lundqvist has had a fascination for animal characters from a young age and a passion for shaping her ideas. To fund her film study in London she worked as an artist model and both activities fueled her growing interest in masks and nudity, veils and transparency and the capacity to tell stories that are embedded in our body. The luxury animal masks are originally not meant as erotic masks, but as a way to tell stories. Cecilia Lundqvist luxury animal masks bring liberation, they change the wearers of these masks into who they want to be, or give the freedom to do what they want. That can be the transformation into an animal, or giving in to sexual desires. Some of the most popular models are the bunny who radiates innocence, she is seduced, while the female cat is a femme fatale, a seductress. The masks are worn to masquerades, private parties, in the privacy of the bedroom, or out in nature.

Handmade Cecilia Lundqvist animal masks

The unique masks are all made by Cecilia Lundqvist and this process including waiting list takes about 4-6 weeks per mask, her creations are only available at a few cherry-picked luxury boutiques. Vintage fur is used together with other recycled materials and even the inside of the mask is lined with suede for a warm and subtle animal experience. It is a very labor-intensive process with remarkable attention to detail, her love for these creations is very clear.

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