Coco de Mer

Coco de Mer

Coco de Mer - Luxury Pleasures & Luxury Essentials - from the U.K. The Pleasure Collection is the luxurious and stimulating sex toy and essentials collection for exploring the daring limits of erotic imagination. Unveil a world of decadent eroticism with stunning, pleasurable, and iconic pieces from Coco de Mer, indulge and surrender to your desires with Coco de Mer at Xenses.

About Coco de Mer Pleasure Collection

Coco de Mer Pleasure Collection will inspire and encourage the exploration of sexuality with the stimulating assortment of luxury pleasures and essentials. The Pleasure Collection consists of high end toys for him, her and couples with matching luxury essentials such as silky lubricants and scented massage candles and oils.

Coco de Mer luxury sex toys for the open minded

Coco de Mer’s name comes from an exotic plant with big seeds that strikingly resemble the intimate female shape. Coco de Mer is all about free-thinking while exploring erotica, sensuality and fashion. The luxury pleasures and essentials are a heavenly blend of sensuality, erotica and art, all coming together to form a decadent and exciting mix. Pleasure is redefined with the Coco de Mer Pleasure Collection.

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