Couture de Nuit

Couture de Nuit

Couture de Nuit - Luxury Lingerie Playsuits - exquisite lingerie harnesses, designed and hand made in Barcelona, Spain for exploring pleasure with self-confidence. Couture de Nuit creates ouvert lingerie playsuits or 'Beauty' as they call it, for women who want to feel powerful and uninhibited, luxury lingerie playsuits that women wear to release their inner Femme Fatale, with self-confidence, feeling playful and provocative. Explore a world of outstanding pleasure, exquisite design and craftsmanship with this exclusive Couture de Nuit collection at Xenses.

About Couture de Nuit luxury lingerie playsuits

Couture de Nuit luxury lingerie playsuits are empowering, minimalistic in design, symmetrical or asymmetrical, elegant and fully adjustable, with lots of gold or silver sliders and adjustment options for an excellent fit. Together with the highly elastic straps and soft material, the erotic Couture de Nuit playsuits are the perfect sexy outfit for almost any body type. And can be worn with beautiful lingerie, pasties, or alone directly on the skin for a tittilating effect. Adjust the soft straps and gold sliders to play with shape until the female forms are accentuated in the desired manner, the playsuit will feel and fit as if it were a custom-made design. Form and texture work together beautifully in a sensual whole, velvet in stunning, rich colors like burgundy, indigo blue or elegant black is gorgeous to look at and very pleasant to wear and to touch.

Handmade Couture de Nuit lingerie harnesses

Each playsuit is handmade with pure craftsmanship for Couture de Nuit, they need about 5 hours to cut, assemble and sow each erotic piece together. Discover the luxury lingerie playsuit collection designed by Couture de Nuit, elegant and timeless. Do not expect any new collections or additions, because the quality, elegance, uniqueness and aesthetics are unmatched and will take your breath away, again and again. This luxury lingerie playsuit collection will also not be part of any discount.

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