Crave - Luxury Pleasures - creates elegant, sophisticated and thoughtfully designed vibratos and erotic jewelry. Experience using a luxury sex toy at a more fulfilling level with sensual satisfaction and fulfilled desires. The Crave luxury pleasures are designed for women that live and love out loud, for women who want to own their sexual pleasure. Explore the Crave luxury pleasures collection at Xenses.

About Crave luxury pleasures

Crave uxury pleasures are for the bold, the badass en the empowered. Crave ultra-luxurious Duet and Vesper vibrators and the Incoqnito foreplay collection with unique erotic jewelry are a true gift to yourself. Vesper is the RedDot Award 2015 winner for Design & High Quality Sex Toys. Other awards won are IDEA and Good Design. Discover what lies beneath the stunning Incoqnito jewelry pieces, nothing is what it seems. Wear during daytime as gorgeous jewelry pieces and let the night take your breath away with the erotic functions of these unique jewelry pieces. Crave Duet & Vesper luxury pleasures are top of the bill, elegant and discreet clitoral vibrators that will ravish you. These beautiful, innovative, high-quality designs are designed in San Francisco with a commitment to be the best using only body safe materials.

Designer Ti Chang of Crave sex toys

Crave is founded by badass industrial designer Ti Chang, she is VP of Design and truly passionate about designing products for women. Ti Chang holds an MA in Design Products from Royal College of Art in London, a BS in industrial design from Georgia Tech and serves as co-chair of the Women in Design section of the Industrial Designers Society of America. Together with serial entrepreneur Michael Topolovac, co-founder of Crave, they aim to elevate both product design and conversations around sexual pleasure. Indulge with Crave and Incoqnito and surrender to your own sensual desires. Crave’s mission: We help people have the sex lives they desire.

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