ELF Zhou London - Luxury Lingerie - is the exclusive, fashion-led couture brand with a unique design concept in handmade luxury lingerie and leather accessories. Elf Zhou is a daring mix of elegance and eroticism for both luxury lingerie and leather accessories and has created a very powerful, signature style. It is luxury lingerie for bold and empowered women who love to radiate their femininity and feel that luxury lingerie should be an addition to their own personal style. Avant-garde leather accessories contrast beautifully with sumptuous silk lingerie adorned with freshwater pearls to create a new and daring look for the beautiful female form. Discover luxury brand ELF Zhou London at Xenses.

About ELF Zhou London luxury lingerie and accessories

Founded by Yue Zhou and her husband Qi Zhang, both talented designers graduated from College of Fashion in London, Yue in Contour and Qi in Artefact. Yue continued and graduated with a master for costume design as well. While still at college, Yue already won a prize for her avant-garde designs. ELF Zhou London creates truly sublime luxury lingerie for the independent and adventurous woman, it is a high end lingerie brand that you cannot overlook. The designs compliment the female body and combine innovation with seduction, sensuality with style, using their signature materials; leather, silk satin and freshwater pearls. Elf Zhou is rapidly turning industry heads with its evocative symmetry, alluring cutout details and the sexy blend of leather and silk in their signature silhouette. ELF Zhou uses only the highest quality locally sourced materials with handcrafted production techniques to ensure the quality of their truly exquisite handmade items. Craftsmanship and superior quality are hold in high regard while sumptuous detailing and inventive elements ensure satisfied clients worldwide. Celebrities are discovering the brand as well, Rihanna wore an Elf Zhou design for her editorial in W magazine.

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