Faire Hommage

Faire Hommage

Faire Hommage - Luxury Bondage- is a worldwide sensation in stunning leather and handmade bondage accessories. Discover Faire Hommage at Xenses, now reduced in price as unfortunately the brand has ended their business after 7 years.

About Faire Hommage luxury bondage accessories

Faire Hommage is founded in 2010 by Stefan Marché, a student for Fashion Design in Germany. It started as a one man project and has grown into a small but dedicated business with 5 craftsmen and Stefan as Head of Design. Faire Hommage loves everything about leather and designs and handcrafts their luxury bondage collection far from any commercial influences. No new collection is made every 6 months, but only when inspired and when inspiration leads to functional and beautiful products. All Faire Hommage designs are made of high quality patent leather, nappa lambskin leather from Merino or Boxcalf. Combined together they give the luxury designs their characteristic appearance together with delightful comfort. All leather is sourced at selected tanneries in Europe for guaranteed excellent quality. Leather and mostly nickel-free hardware is playfully combined with the elegance of the Swarovski crystalized rhinestone elements and satin ribbons. Faire Hommage designs for the personal style of the wearer, sometimes glamorous, sometimes bold and sometimes with mysterious elegance. Faire Hommage luxury bondage is always different, yet elegant and sensual to be flaunted in and outside the bedroom. Wear these beautiful Faire Hommage luxury bondage pieces when going out, clubbing, or for an evening filled with bondage play in the boudoir. Faire Hommage is discovered by clients in Germany, Spain, Austria, Denmark, France and Italy and stocked at boutiques worldwide.

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