Fifty Shades of Grey - Freed

Fifty Shades of Grey - Freed

Fifty Shades of Grey Freed - Luxury Bondage Collection – is designed and created for the third and very last time, it is a luxurious bondage collection inspired by the bestselling book Fifty Shades Freed by E.L. James. This exclusive, limited edition, and handmade Freed - Cherished collection comes in beautiful deep purple leather and shiny rosé golden accents. It is a unique and highly exclusive collection that will only come once in a lifetime, so collect them all and explore the luxury bondage Fifty Shades of Grey Freed collection at Xenses.

About Fifty Shades Freed luxury bondage accesories

"I love his kinky fuckery - our kinky fuckery." Yes, I can do that stuff. I can do that for him, with him. I can do that for me." Ana. When Christian and Ana's love story develops after their wedding, the sensual side of their intense relationship becomes more free and passionate. Ana finds liberation in exploring her sexuality and unleashing her inner goddess, while Christian is finding freedom in learning to love and overcoming his need to control everything. The Fifty Shades of Grey Freed Limited Edition Cherished collection celebrates the mutual passion between Ana and Christian with lush bondage accessories for lovers, with elegant leather floggers and stylish riding crops and of course beautiful hand cuffs, sumptuous ankle cuffs, tickling teasers, silencing gag and no peeking blindfold. All Fifty Shades of Grey Freed Cherished Bondage Accessories are handmade in a very limited edition, of luxurious materials like deep purple leather and breathtaking rose golden accents. Every luxury bondage design comes with a Fifty Shades Freed purple leather and rose gold swing tag and is delivered in a purple velveteen envelope style bag. It is the ultimate luxury bondage collection for lovers that want to experience bondage as a way of freedom and want to share their passion.

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