Fräulein Kink

Fräulein Kink

Fräulein Kink - Luxury Bondage Accessories and Leather Lingerie - creates exquisite luxury accessories and leather lingerie with the perfect and powerful mix of sex, kink, bondage and high fashion. Submit to your desires & Release your inner kink with Fräulein Kink at Xenses.

About Fräulein Kink luxury bondage accessories and leather lingerie

Fräulein Kink is founded by artist Nicole Herman to incite adventure, lust and sensual exploration. Miss Nicole is born in America and has a passion for lingerie and sexy designs. After studying Fashion Design & Fashion Marketing / Merchandising in New York, she fell in love and moved to Berlin to be with her loved one. There she discovered that something was missing in the market for erotic accessories, there were no powerful designs that were feminine, fashion-forward and made with expertise. With this in mind Fräulein Kink was founded, for luxury bondage accessories and leather lingerie, especially hand crafted for women. Collections that are truly beautiful, leather accessories and lingerie adorned with sparkling Swarovski crystals or faux pearls, with beautiful golden details that look delicate, yet are strong for real bdsm-play. Fräulein Kink has a very own signature style that is always recognizable with every new collection, despite the different materials used such as fringes, lace and leather. Inspiration comes from sex and fashion, from different materials and unique textures, from images and moods. Strong and beautiful women can also become a muse for Miss Nicole during the design process. The result is always a brilliantly designed luxury collection with playful and highly feminine accessories and lingerie for use in the bedroom and designs that can be worn as a glamorous fashion statement when going out, or even as an accessory to work. All luxurious Fräulein Kink accessories are handmade by experienced craftsmen in Berlin from only the very best materials and despite the feminine, delicate look they are very strong and designed for real bondage play.

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