Glass Muse

Glass Muse

Glass Muse - Glass Luxury Pleasures - designs and creates exceptional and highly exclusive glass sex toys for increased sensuality. Discover the sophisticated luxury pleasures collection with exotic erotic objects that unite the sensual aspect of glass with the design of exquisite art. Glass Muse designs luxurious pleasures of glass for lovers of art, design and sophisticated eroticism. Explore these exclusive erotic objects at Xenses.

About Glass Muse luxury pleasures

Glass Muse was founded in 2012 by a number of renowned glass artists in Latvia with the aim of starting a high-profile and multifunctional brand with glass as its starting point. Glass as a challenge, glass as value, glass as an object to experiment with, glass as a source of inspiration, glass as a reflection of creativity. Each Glass Muse collection is characterized by the unique design and the quality of the practical application. Glass Muse designs elicit sensory reactions and let you experience the love of glass through the various expressions of glass. It is mysterious and sensual in its origin. Despite the density, glass is organic and able to breathe. These characteristics are the starting point for every new stimulating design. Discover the touch of a handmade pleasures of glass for intimate moments, designed by glass artist Artis Nīmanis. Each hand blown Glass Muse dildo is unique and will differ slightly in execution and size.

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