Ikonostas - Luxury Lingerie - is a high end brand from Italy and distinguishes itself through a unique and experimental approach to luxury lingerie and clothing. Couture and lingerie are combined for a signature style. Discover and explore the world of Ikonostas luxury lingerie right here at Xenses. Photo: Manuela Masciadri for I-Mute Magazine.

About Ikonostas Luxury Lingerie

Ikonostas comes from the Greek word Ikonostas / eikonostasion which means icon stand. Ikonostas designer Daniela Corcio started her career as a costume and concept designer for theater, installations and performances for which she traveled all over the world. In doing so, she also discovered her talent as a stylist and creative director, which she still does with great pleasure and flair. In 1999, a very special moment, Daniela started working for Vivienne Westwood, which has greatly influenced and shaped her vision on fashion and artistic expression. She used this vision, together with world-famous magazine Linea Intima, to design her first lingerie collection. Linea Intima was already familiar with her exquisite corset design and challenged her to create her own collection. This sublime collection was the beginning of Ikonostas luxury lingerie. In 2010, Daniela Corcio was named one of the 8 best new lingerie designers in the world by Linea Intima and has since collaborated with Chloé, Proenza Shouler and Christian Lacroix. Ikonostas collections are a reflection of the past with a contemporary design edge, seeking the limits of elegance and femininity. Ikonostas luxury lingerie combines design with perfectionism for detail and finishing together with the unspoken language of the female body. Daniela unites, from her own sartorial identity, irony, provocation and eroticism for avant-garde lingerie and transforms intimate forms into sensual lingerie and clothing.

The Ikonostas Luxury Lingerie Woman

The Ikonostas woman is elegant and seductive, yet refined and ironic. She is a woman who enjoys life and is open to intimacy in a unique way. Ikonostas luxury lingerie empowers and helps her to express herself in the bedroom and beyond.

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