Kunza Corsetorium

Kunza Corsetorium

Kunza Corsetorium - Luxury Lingerie Corsets - is a London-based high end luxury brand that specializes in limited edition precious luxury lingerie and exclusive corsets for the discerning international clientele. Discover this exclusive collection at Xenses.

About Kunza Corsetorium Iuxury lingerie corsets

Kunza Corsetorium has followed her training with renowned couturier Vivienne Westwood and with the craftsmanship and expertise she gained there she created her own signature style. Corsetorium luxury lingerie corsets are a unique blend of traditional couture techniques with contemporary designs for a perfect fit for every individual shape. Her body-shaping collections are inspired by the past without being stuffy and are very suitable for 'tightlacing'.

Handmade luxury corsets

Each luxury corset is handmade in the London studio with only the finest quality materials from Europe. Designer Kunza focuses on creating body-conscious corsets and lingerie of the highest standards, her precision and pursuit of perfection brings her work to an incomparable level. The new collection at Xenses calls for a dark, romantic and daring attitude and blurs the boundary between what is traditionally regarded as 'undergarments' with very versatile pieces that can be worn as exceptional outerwear. When you look for the limits of convention and have an appreciation for quiet luxury, you will find the Kunza Corsetorium philosophy entirely in line with your own.

Exclusivity & Editorials

Kunza Corsetorium luxury lingerie corsets are only available at a very select number of boutiques worldwide for exclusivity. Her work has been included in editorials such as Dazed & Confused, Elle, Vogue UK, Vogue Italia, Harper's Bazar, W Magazine.

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