Luna Veneziana

Luna Veneziana

Luna Veneziana - Luxury Lingerie Masks - combines ancient tradition with Oriental mysticism and artisan craft in amazingly beautiful masks. Mysterious and seductive. Every women who has ever worn a mask, knows that she can be whoever she wants to be. Wear Luna Veneziana masks at a masked ball, a private party, or during fantasy play, these masks will add sensuality. The Luna Veneziana masks are handcrafted nearby Venice according to ancient traditions and by Italian craftsmen. The masks are historically used to hide the indentity and social standing of the wearer, the Venetians used them in a time of promiscuity where the masks became a symbol for freedom and a means of rebellion against the social norms imposed by the Republic of Venice. Xenses brings you a beautiful collection of sensual and erotic Luna Veneziana masks, handcrafted masterpieces with Swarovski, to relive those times in the privacy of the boudoir.

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