Patrice Catanzaro

Patrice Catanzaro

Patrice Catanzaro - Luxury Erotic Dresses - has a true passion for creating desirable and highly feminine dresses with a touch of fetish. For over 30 years now, Patrice Catanzaro imagines, designs and creates, sexy and refined kink dresses to wear at events from red carpet to fetish parties and when going out. Women of all ages have discovered his stunning erotic dresses and catsuits, Patrice Catanzaro has build a substantial fan-base worldwide.and he is known as the master of erotic dresses and catsuits. The Patrice Catanzaro designs are timeless and ageless; women wear his dresses to feel beautiful and special. Discover this luxury collection at Xenses.

Catanzaro's Creativity

Catanzaro is a master of creativity, he creates and presents several collections per year, all from France to ensure the best quality. Catanzaro's inspiration comes from working with seductive second skin materials such as wetlook, lycra, rubber and lacquer, all specially produced for Catanzaro in France.

Sexy Chic Patrice Catanzaro Dresses

The brand Patrice Catanzaro is renowned for their sexy chic dresses and catsuits, a fetish universe led by sassy troublemaker Patrice Catanzaro. This little Frenchmen with roots in Italy has been embraced by lovers of luxury kink worldwide, the brand has achieved international fame in the last decade with thrilling shows during the Altitude show in Vegas and the Montreal Fetish Weekend in Canada. His dresses are now spotted in the best club scenes and are worn at libertine private parties for those seeking something a bit more exclusive. For women that want to look their best, feeling sexy yet chic, desirable yet sophisticated and love the feeling of wetlook and lacquer on their skin. One thing is for sure, all eyes will be on you when wearing a Catanzaro dress. Explore this fetish collection at Xenses.

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