Ruban Noir

Ruban Noir

Ruban Noir - Luxury Lingerie from Paris, an exclusive for Xenses Netherlands. Ruban Noir lingerie - translated Black Ribbon - is sensual, daring and beautiful, a delight to wear and to be seen in. Ruban Noir is also a story of contrasts, as complex as the designer herself, intriguing, mysterious and elegant. It is handmade Haute Couture worn as a second skin for the confident woman. Discover this unique brand at Xenses.

Ruban Noir luxury lingerie

Ruban Noir luxury lingerie is the story of the designer Stéphanie Weinich. It is an expression of emotion, a beautiful and unique blend of art, beauty, haute couture, street-style, crazy and structured. it is the paradox of designer. Ruban Noir has a soul, the designs are intruiging and radiate refined elegance with Parisian sex appeal and a raw avant-garde edge.

Ruban Noir lingerie is handmade to perfection

Ruban Noir lingerie is handmade by the expert and dedicated Ruban Noir team with only the finest materials and the most high-tech techniques ever used for lingerie. Every design is checked, step by step by the designer herself before it can be sent. Perfection is a word that certainly describes Ruban Noir lingerie.

Ruban Noir, a flash, a shiver

''In a temple of Parisian luxury, I see it. Ruban Noir. Simple and elegant. I lean over to seize it. It escapes me. It draws me to this mirror. A flash, a shiver. The reflection of a man appears. He caresses her eyes, kisses her delicate lips. Then descends on her neck to disappear. A flash, a shiver. Graphic lines, sensual curves. A bold blend of street art and haute couture. It's so obvious. Ruban Noir. Chic and arty lingerie. Ruban Noir, mon amour ...''

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