Sen Kouros

Sen Kouros

Sen Kouros - Luxury Pleasures - designs Couture Pleasures- dildos, exclusive handmade sculptures of Italian marble, made with superior craftsmanship and oozing sensuality. Tempting as the Venus de Milo, marble has an undeniable appeal, an ancient beauty full of history and secrets that elicits touch. Smooth round shapes and curves are brought to life in an intense collaboration between artist and marble. Marble is sexy, cool at first touch, but warms up quickly to just above body temperature and cools down slowly after use. Each refined Sen Kouros design has its own characteristics, its own personality, its own joy to share. These couture pleasures will last a lifetime, as an epic love story, a wonderful gift to give and to receive. The stylish Sen Kouros pleasures are handcrafted on an island under the gaze of the Olympic Mountains in the Pacific northwest.

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