Sian Hoffman

Sian Hoffman

Sian Hoffman - Luxury Lingerie Corsets - renowned British corsetress, designs sensual body shaping corsets and accessories, handcrafted with all attention to detail and with the highest level of craftsmanship. Her work is an elegant mix of fashion and eroticism, timeless in design and attractive in appearance. Her highly exclusive and unique collections are made from scratch without using historical patterns. As a result, the designs are truly unique and have a focus on waist reduction, encouraging proper posture and creating the perfect hourglass figure. The Sian Hoffmann designs are easily styled as outerwear as well. Sian Hoffman not only designs aesthetic shaping corsets, she understands the psychology of her creations and gives the wearer the confidence to be proud of her body and the power to express her fantasies; Seduction, Domination, Submission and all that with the highest possible comfort. Sian Hoffman has designed two unique and exclusives lines of corsets, posture collars and gauntlets for Xenses. Unfortunately sold out, discover The Model Traitor by Sian Hoffman as well here at Xenses.

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