Sylvie Monthulé

Sylvie Monthulé

Sylvie Monthulé - Luxury Erotic Jewelry - is a renowned French jewelry designer with an atelier and showroom just outside of Paris. She creates these beautiful, erotic jewelry pieces as an ode to the female body, a celebration of love and passion. The Sylvie Monthulé intimate nipple jewelry pieces are handmade and gold plated, often adorned with sparkling colored gems. Wear them under your clothes as a prelude of what's to come, or provoke your partner with these beautiful body decorations, how can he resist you? Discover the luxury Sylvie Monthulé erotic golden Nipple Clamps collection at Xenses. Your refined and secret seduction by Sylvie Monthulé.

Sylvie Monthulé Jewelry

Sylvie Monthulé started her career as a graphic artist in the fashion industry, working on drawings and advertisements for perfume and lipstick. Through her partner, who worked for an adult only company at the time, her interest in sensual jewelry awoke. She discovered that next to piercing jewelry there was almost nothing in the area of luxury erotic jewelry and she took the step of drawing and designing her own provocative collection. It became a direct success and received a lot of attention in Libertine quality magazines and now, after 20 years, she is known worldwide for her refined jewelry that has already adorned, thrilled and pleasured many women.

Sylvie Monthulé Designs

Sylvie designs and draws every sensual jewel herself, a model is then created in the atelier with metal or using the lost wax technique, taking hours to perfect and finish. This piecel is then used to model, cast, finish and cover every design with gold after that, with expertise and passion and all for your pleasure, wrapped in a little velvet storage pouch for delivery. It is the perfect luxury jewelry collection for lovers, a special naughty gift that will last and delight in the bedroom.

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