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The Model Traitor

The Model Traitor

The Model Traitor is a London based luxury brand of classic S&M bondage accessoires & Couture Lingerie for use in the art of bondage. The unique designed and beautiful leather restraints and collars are traditionally crafted from the finest pony hair leather with solid gold messing details. Premium pony hair leather has an excellent glossy and velvetty finish for a touch of femininity in the ultimate luxury bondage accessories from The Model Traitor Discipline Atelier. Greatly inspired by the illustrations of John Willie and antique disciplinary devices and erotica, The Model Traitor by renowned corsetress Sian Hoffman has designed a desirable range of classic BDSM must haves that are traditional and timeless in design, secure and hardwearing in duty. ”In order to know virtue, we must first acquaint ourselves with vice.” - Marquis de Sade

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