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13ème Lune Lingerie


    13ème Lune - Luxury Lingerie for the modern Femme Fatale. 13ème Lune, translated 13th Moon, is an exclusive French couture brand with exceptional feminine lingerie designs as the ultimate luxury indulgence. Every sensual lingerie design is completely handmade, hand cut and hand sewn with passion, love and expertise in the 13ème Lune atelier in the south of France. A team of two extraordinary women; designer Stéphanie Cappellini and assistant designer Morgane Sak create every couture design 'made to order', for ethical and ecological reasons. Xenses is very proud to be one of very few stores to offer this unique brand, an exclusive in the Netherlands.

    13ème Lune Luxury Lingerie

    13ème Lune is a luxury lingerie brand, created from the imagination of designer Stéphanie Cappellini in 2015. After she has proven herself by making unique pieces for artists of the musical and theatrical scene and then in the prêt-à -porter, the designer returns to her first love, lingerie and corsetry from her period as a student in fashion.

    13ème Lune Universe

    Her experience in making costumes and dresses for the stage gives aesthetics and a strong story to the 13ème Lune universe in which one finds unique pieces or limited editions in the collections that the designer is very fond of. A 13ème Lune universe tinged with dark poetry and romance, characterized by paradoxes, shifts and anti-conformism, where SM dress codes are derived from the satin harness designs while being mixed with delicate lace for iconic creations. Each collection has a specific theme and a universe that tells a story.