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Absainte Paris

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    Absainte Paris was founded by Datura Alchimilia from the desire to beautify the female body with harnesses and body jewelry that adapt to all body types. Each sensual creation is a dance between luxury lingerie and jewelry, without restricting, flowing movements of golden chains and elastic straps that emphasize curves and reveal femininity and sensuality. Discover the luxury collection of Absainte at Xenses, official and proud Absainte stockist in The Netherlands.

    About the designer of Absainte Luxury Lingerie Harnesses

    Datura Alchimilia started her training at a master tailor in Paris when she was 16, after which she did internships at various prestigious fashion houses such as Lanvin as a model assistant. After this period the doors opened for her at the most renowned fashion houses such as Christian Dior, Chanel, Rochas, Azzaro, Kenzo, John Galliano haute couture and Louis Vuitton. With all knowledge and experience she gained, she decided to start her education as a designer and successfully obtained her degrees for Fashion Designer and Fashion Designer in Paris. With these degrees, she gains even more experience at various luxury boutiques, each with its own specialties such as ready to wear and lingerie. As the specialist she has become in sewing and assembly techniques, Datura realizes that ready to wear is too restrictive for her and does not fit her vision. Inspired by this insight, she designs her first accessories and jewelry collection and launches the Absainte brand in January 2014 for luxury lingerie harnesses to embellish the female body.

    Handmade Absainte Luxury Jewelry Harness

    Every Absainte jewel is handmade with passion and precision in the Absainte atelier in Paris and takes several hours or even days to create. And only the very best materials such as gold-filled chains from the best craftsman in Paris are used for every luxury jewelry piece to ensure exceptional quality.