Climate Neutral

Climate Neutral

Like the leading companies, Xenses is also looking for ways to go green. We understand that if we want our planet to remain habitable for generations to come, we must work together now to reduce emissions, make our business more sustainable and ultimately move toward a Circular Economy.


Our shipments play a central role with regard to our environmental impact. That is why Xenses ships your order with the Go Green services from DHL Express which means that the emissions of the transport to you are certified compensated. When possible we also arrange for DHL Express to pick up orders from our suppliers with the Go Green services. Not all shipments have this option yet, but we are working hard to make it 100%.
For our PostNL services in the Netherlands & Belgium all shipments are CO2 neutral.


Xenses gift boxes

Our signature gift boxes are made from paper, and designed to last, so you can store your purchase, or any other items you would like to store in our beautiful boxes. No need to throw it away. Jewelry boxes are made of either recycled paper with the ECO stamp at the bottom or made of FSC wood and designed to last. Note, not all items come with gift wrapping, mostly due to odd sizing, contact Xenses if you would like to know if gift wrapping is included.


Recycling and Waist

At Xenses HQ we separate all waist streams; plastic, metal, paper, card box to be picked up for recycling and we re-use items if possible.

Powered by Solar Energy

Our office is completely powered by Solar panels.

We understand that we have a long way to go to become emission neutral, but we are working hard to get there!