Ludovica Martire Made in Pain - Luxury Bondage Jewelry at Xenses, Italian leather pieces adorned with glass stones.

Ludovica Martire Made in Pain

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    Ludovica Martire - Made in Pain - luxury bondage jewelry with a touch of glamour from Italy. In 2017, Ludovica Martire founded her independent brand "Ludovica Martire - Made in Pain", to express her dark and sensual aesthetics with a sensuous combination of first-class Italian leather, strong metal and precious embroidery with glass jewels. While examining many aspects of women's femininity and sensuality. Discover this exclusive bondage jewelry collection for boudoir luxury at Xenses.

    About Ludovica Martire

    Ludovica Martire is a highly talented Italian couture fashion designer and leather craftsman. After gaining several years of experience in the couture and fashion industry, first as a designer of foot-wear, then as a model and embroidery expert, she found her artistic calling as a leather designer. In 2017 she founded her own luxury, independent brand "Ludovica Martire - made in pain".

    Luxury Bondage Jewelry by Ludovica Martire Made in Pain

    Each provocative luxury bondage design is made entirely by hand and is part of her personal journey through love, pain, beauty and sensuality. Her jewelry designs are entirely produced in Italy, according to the finest craft traditions and with only the finest leather types and materials. To create a forbidden bondage boudoir allure for every woman who wears it, the Ludovica collection consists of high chokers that are inspired by the limitation of movement with hard spikes and shiny glass jewels that emphasize the natural body curves, as well as thin chains that wear like jewelry and dance with every movement. Each luxurious collection is named after a female goddess or strong female character in Greek Mythology and is designed by a woman, made by women and worn by women.

    "My aim," says Ludovica, "is to suggest an image of a secret story of sensuality and mystery that is about to be revealed, but never is."