Xenses x Luana Mahfouz - Luxury jewelry, 18k solid Gold Face Jewelry at Xenses

Xenses x Luana Mahfouz

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    A unique luxury jewelry collaboration by Xenses x Luana Mahfouz with the sensual tear cuff and lip cuff in a limited edition of solid gold and sparkling zirconia stones, these beautiful, exotic pieces of jewelry are designed to adorn the face. The tear and lip cuff are inspired by Bedouin/African shamanic face tattoos that used to identify the person to his tribe or his rank.

    About Luana Mahfouz

    Designer Luana Mahfouz is the creative force behind her eponymous brand. She is inspired by fierce, independent women and their warrior spirit. Yet that does not describe her full passions, Luana designs fashion, interiors, jewelry and more. "Design is just the creativity to create new things.." Luana Mahfouz.