Fornicouture Fragaria Strawberry Anal Plug

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Fornicouture Fragaria Strawberry Anal Plug

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Fornicouture Strawberry Fragaria Anal Plug

Luxury pleasures by Fornicouture. Strawberry Fragaria Anal Plug from the Botanic Series by Fornicouture, design by AHH .

The Botanic Series takes its inspiration from nature with its romance and beauty.

Concept Fornicouture Strawberry Anal Plug:
Fragaria became known in the Middle Ages as the fruit of temptation. In Greek mythology, the goddess Aphrodite cried tears that turned into little red hearts when the mortal Adonis was dead, that tears would have been the origin of the strawberries.

Composition :
Cast in solid brass and richly plated with 10 microns sterling silver . Dimensions : 90 mm x 70 mm .
100% made in the U.K.

The metal is solid brass plated with silver that forms the solid base of the object for the necessary weight and quality. The finish is done by hand . The sterling silver layer is 10 microns thick , this is a superior thickness, often are the layers by others only 1 micron thick.

Fornicouture Fragaria Strawberry Anal Plug is an object of seduction and desire , delicate leaves and flowers decorate the top, the strawberry itself is meticulously crafted so that it has a smooth finish for your comfort. A unique butt plug, a great addition to your boudoir.

Details: Comes in a wooden storage box by Fornicouture with AHH stamp.
Easy to clean with warm soapy water and a soft cloth.
Each individual design is by method of production truly unique in style, interpretation and finish.

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Fornicouture Fragaria Strawberry Anal Plug