Gentleman's Gift Guide

Gentleman's Gift Guide

Gentleman's Gift Guide

The art of giving can be a tricky thing. It is my personal experience that a gift, even though given with love, does not always thrill her as much as you might have hoped for. To prevent that and make sure your heartfelt gift is the best she will ever receive, I am sharing with you 9 of my best gift giving tips:

Know your partner's taste:

My first tip for gentlemen looking to surprise their partner is know your partner's taste. What is her style? Does she wear or already use similar items in the same style you want to surprise her with? Find out or perhaps ask a friend to check disceetly.

Know your partner's size:

Another great tip is; know her size, check her clothing size for dress, lingerie, bra and brief and be sure to pick an item that she wears regularly. For bra's; pick a relatively new item out of her lingerie wardrobe, bras can stretch out after some time and no longer be her accurate size. FYI, when an item is super stretchy it may not represent her actual size. Too difficult? A robe, kimono, a super stretch dress, or a one size fits most design is an easier pick when it comes to sizing.

Let her create a wish-list:

Some ladies love to be in control and just do not want to be surprised, Xenses offers a wish-list option online when using the heart icon. Let her pick some stunning items and let her share her wish-list with you. You can pick what to give and it will always be received with joy.

Invest in pleasure:

When pleasure is on your mind and you would love give her something intimate for the bedroom. Check first that she wants to be surprised with such a provocative gift. If so, vibrators are an obvious pick and will bring her thrilling satisfaction. Are you however looking for a more durable gift that can last a life time and is a true addition to your pleasure chest? I would advise a hand crafted dido. Instead of letting a vibrator sweep her of her feet, you can actually share pleasure together finding those delicious sweet spots for a longer love making experience. Or use them together for a deeper thrill. And good to know: Geisha Balls are a great pick for foreplay when you are not that comfortable with a sex toy in the bedroom.

Jewelry is a girl's best friend:

When your lady appreciates the finer things in life and loves both jewelry and intimate play-time together you cannot go wrong with my selection of jewelry designs. From sensuous body jewelry to dual function jewelry pieces that are statement jewelry designs by day and sacred pleasure tools by night. Only initiates will know their secret.


You may get all enthusiastic when you think of her all tied up, however my advice is, do not surprise her with bondage accessories. This is a subject that you should discuss first and take step by step. When you have: some of the designer bondage accessories have a high fashion edge and are perfect for beginners and light bondage play.

No gift vouchers:

I know it seems a bit odd as I do offer gift vouchers at Xenses and I tell you that these vouchers are the best way to gift her what she wants. Well it is true, however, it turns out that most gift vouchers are never used and that is really such a shame. Also it is a bit of a lazy gift, you haven't given it much thought when a gift voucher is the only thing that comes to mind. Ladies love it when they can tell that you have put a lot of effort in choosing a special gift for her.

Personal gift message:

Nothing makes a gift more personal than your gift message. It does not have to be long, just from the heart and even an 'I Love You' is always a good one. Use little nicknames you may have for each other. Leave your message at the check-out and I will add it to your gift.

Gift wrapping:

Finally something you do not have to worry about. I always personally gift wrap each order in black & gold Xenses gift wrapping, in my signature Xenses gift boxes, or glossy black wrapping paper with black & gold satin ribbon.

After reading these tips I am sure your gift will be the best ever and will leave your lady speechless, perhaps even breathless. If you need more assistance just contact me at, I am happy to assist.

With love,

Madame Isabella

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