Exceptional Luxury Lingerie

Xenses is founded 10 years ago by Mme Isabella with a mission to curate truly exceptional luxury lingerie, high end jewelry, exclusive bondage accessories and unique pleasures all in one store. We are proud to have become a renowned online boutique for extraordinary boudoir design. We are here for the modern Femme Fatale and her gentleman.

For our lingerie selection we cherry-pick only luxury lingerie brands and lingerie pieces that are timeless, empowering and glamorous. A deliberate choice, to step away from fast fashion. You can find iconic pieces with Swarovski crystals from I.D. Sarrieri, beautiful fine silk bodysuits from award winning Spanish brand Gonzales, leather molded couture corsets by Alexandra Fuks that have been featured in many high fashion magazines and the very best lingerie from British designer brand Tatu Couture.

High End Jewelry

To encourage exploration and discovery for those of you with an open minded lifestyle, specially selected high end jewelry has been added to our online boutique. This curated luxury jewelry collection has been brought together for beauty, to adorn the body and to elevate your boudoir play time together with exquisite pieces, some with a seductive secret.

We designed our very own Xenses boudoir jewelry collection with British designer Carol Wiseman to mix and match your perfect jewelry play set. You will also find high end designs from Parisian Absainte, exclusive 18k gold face jewelry in an unique collaboration with designer Luana Mahfouz and of course Sado Chic jewelry by renowned designer Betony Vernon.

Exclusive Bondage Accessories

For the adventurers, discover our exclusive bondage accessories. We have curated unique bondage brands, some exclusive to Xenses and we designed our very own high end bondage accessories to cater to even the most discerning ladies and gentlemen looking to add class to their bondage lifestyle.

Find the Xenses exclusive silk bondage scarfs by British brand Darkest Star and the unique python cuffs sets in collaboration with Italian leather artisans Les Jeux du Marquis.

Unique Pleasures

Pleasures or Objets d'Art? At Xenses you will find a highly curated collection of beautiful and unique pleasures. Explore our assortment of limited edition glass dilettos, unique jewelry c-rings for gentlemen, luxury plugs and precious metal geisha balls, some set with diamonds to elevate your boudoir play time together to a whole new level of luxury.

Discover the collection of Fornicouture pleasures, Shiri Zinn limited editons and the Paris made Emotion eggs. We are thrilled to offer some of the world's most luxurious pleasures from our own design for you to indulge in.