Discreet & On Demand Delivery


We provide absolute discreet and respectful delivery on all our orders to safeguard your privacy.
-All orders are shipped, after luxury gift wrapping by hand, in a neutral or DHL shipping box.
-The sender on the package will be: Exorior Added Value BV. The name Xenses will not be mentioned on the parcel or customs documents.
-When customs authority codes are required we will use common phrases such as novelty item to describe the content as much as possible.
-Please note that international deliveries, even when shipped with express delivery, may be subject to opening and inspection by customs authorities, we cannot prevent that.

On Demand Delivery

Once your order is picked up at Xenses and shipped you will receive a notification from DHL EXPRESS ON DEMAND DELIVERY (DHL ODD).
ODD will email and/or text you about your shipment’s progress and estimated delivery date/time. When this doesn’t fit your schedule, this 100% free service enables you to choose the time and place of delivery. Giving you maximum flexibility and greater control over your delivery.

DHL ON DEMAND DELIVERY offers the following free delivery options:
 Deliver my Package on Another Day: Scheduled Delivery
 Deliver my Package to Another Address: Alternate Delivery to work or family
 Deliver my Package with Neighbor: Leave with Neighbor, Reception or Guard
 Deliver my Package at a DHL ServicePoint: Hold for Collection
 Request to hold my Package: Vacation hold and safekeeping up to 30 days
ODD gives you full control and you never miss another delivery. Flexible, convenient and always at the right moment.

DHL Text Notifications
DHL sends delivery updates by text ( or e-mail). Please enter your mobile number at the checkout to receive these On Demand Delivery options.

Climate Neutral Shipping - Go Green

In looking for ways to become a climate neutral business, Xenses ships with Go Green services from DHL Express, which means that the emissions of the transport to you are certified compensated.