Taxes & Currency

Tax-Free 21% Shopping

For citizens outside the European Union: 21% Dutch Tax-Free shopping.
Prices are automatically stated without 21% Dutch Tax when browsing from outside the European Union, based on your I.P. address.
Note, local customs fees may still be imposed by your government and if so, charged on delivery.

United Kingdom VAT

Prices are shown without Dutch Tax 21% when browsing from outside the European Union. Following U.K. legislation: GB VAT 20% will then automatically be added in the check-out, when submitting and saving your U.K. address and if the order amount is below GBP 135,-.  If the order amount is above GBP 135,- no GB VAT is calculated by Xenses and GB VAT and if applicable, import duties, must be paid by you prior to delivery to the courier acting on behalf of the U.K. government. We cannot predict how much the import duties will be unfortunately.

European Union VAT

Following the new European Union legislation, Xenses offers all items with local VAT. Each country in the European Union has its own VAT percentage and our prices are already shown inlcuding your local VAT based on your I.P. address.


Prices are shown in your local currency when available and payments are made in your local currency as well. You can also select another currency manually using the currency switcher at the bottem left on the website. Our standard currency is Euro. As our prices are set in Euros and different currencies displayed based on the latest currency rates this may result in pricing differences on a daily bases.