Sen Kouros The Lustre Italian Marble

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Sen Kouros The Lustre Italian Marble

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Editorial by Isabella
Sen Kouros, The Lustre, Italian Marble.

Luxury pleasures - marble dildo by Sen Kouros. This beauty, made of the finest Italian marble, is called The Lustre. Handcrafted on an island in the Pacific Ocean by the artists of Sen Kouros, under the gaze of the Olympic Mountains. Sen Kouros, The Lustre, Italian Marble has been created to bring pure pleasure through its versatility. Use her for a deep internal massage, both ends are suitable for this delight. Her playful nature and the artistic lines make The Lustre perfect for playing together. Enjoy her skills while massaging the g-spot or stimulating the prostate. The Lustre is discreet and as a unique work of art, you can even display it without giving up her sassy secret.

Kouros means ancient Greek sculpture, the name is the perfect choice for the beautiful sculptures from the Sen Kouros collection. Marble is luxurious and heats up quickly to just above body temperature and stays warm for a long time. You can warm up the marble with warm water, or use your own body heat. Sen Kouros pleasures are sealed with a superior Silver Seal anitimicrobial protection layer making it non-porous and very hygienic. Cleaning is easy with a mild soap and warm water, you can even clean it in the dishwasher (do not boil). Marble is a very hard material, does not scratch and does not break unless you drop it on, or scratch with an even harder material.

Color: White.
Material: Ancient Italian marble.
Comes in a microfiber bag for protection.
Suitable for use with all types of lubricants.

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Sen Kouros The Lustre Italian Marble