Shiri Zinn Aqua Swarovski

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Shiri Zinn Aqua Swarovski

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Shiri Zinn Aqua Swarovski

Luxury pleasures by Shiri Zinn. Aqua Swarovski is a stylish glass dildo, a luxury and erotic work of art by British conceptual designer Shiri Zinn. The artisan crafted dildo is made from solid Darlington molten quality crystal glass and is safe for intimate use. Beautiful Swarovski crystals are set securely into the glass holder end of this deluxe dildo by makers of Formula One Trophies & Rolls Royce silversmiths. Because the dildo is made of glass, you can use it for thrilling temperature play. Heat in warm (not hot) water or cool in cold water for amazing experiences while playing. Please use some lubricant for inserting, this will add to the sensations. Shiri Zinn Aqua Swarovski comes in a beautiful handmade gift box with satin lining.

Color: Aqua, (blue).
Material: Darlington crystal glass, Swarovski.
Dimensions: length 21 cm, diameter ranging from 2.5 to 4.3 cm.
Should item be damaged from wear and tear or by accident this item cannot be replaced
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Shiri Zinn Aqua Swarovski