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I.D. Sarrieri

Add glamour with I.D. Sarrieri, beautiful bodysuits and lingerie for special moments. Mix and match with outerwear to create unique styles for either casual chic or glamorous occasions.


Why Xenses?

Home of the finest, most extraordinary boudoir designs, with a modern approach to a playful, luxury lifestyle.

Embark on a journey of sensory exploration at Xenses. High end jewelry, exclusive bondage accessories, unique pleasures and luxury lingerie awaits for discerning ladies and gentlemen seeking quality design for their boudoir lifestyle.

Playful and luxurious, curated brands and unique Xenses accessories, discover us here..

What do our clients think of us?


very nice shop and great owner

trust Isabella for curating high-end luxury goods and great customer care

Paris, France


Schitterende collar

Dendermonde, Netherlands


The piece is beautiful and was a great fit for my partner. Would definitely recommend

New York, USA


Xenses is one of the most incredible boutiques - so many reasons - the level of service by owner and designer, Madame Isabella, is above and beyond. I have made multiple purchases ...variety of designers and each and every time I have messaged MULTIPLE times with questions, requests, anything....as I am in the US and do not have the ability to try on items. Madame Isabella has replied to EVERY message, provided guidance, honest feedback, and recommendations.

The designers she carries are the best of the best - quality, uniqueness, AND most often EXCLUSIVE designs made for Xenses!!!

If you are looking to explore or add to your existing lingerie, toy, accessories ... you MUST visit and explore.... ask questions and you will be thrilled!!


Perfect by all means!


Malmö, Sweden